Winning Pitchers Academy is a focused training center that offers individualized professional player skill development. WP is highly specialized and one of the top training academy’s in the USA.  We have used digital computer video analysis for 12 years to identify player’s strengths and opportunities for reaching higher performance levels. Players have individualized training plans with set goals of achievement to assure they reach their highest performance potential.  We do over 3,500 one hour lessons per year. All pitchers and hitters improve dramatically with their mechanics, skills, power, arm/shoulder care and velocity. We average 4-12 mph gains with every pitcher and 10-20 mph with hitters swings.  This is documented from lesson one and mechanic improvements are continually monitored via Advance Computer Analysis.  There are pitchers and hitters that travel in each month from throughout the USA for a special two day, four hour one on one advance training session.  Pitchers have traveled to WP from other countries as well for week long training.  Hour one video is compared to last hour and improvements are already very evident when viewed side by side locked in sequentially.

Most importantly Winning Pitchers position players and pitchers remain healthy as they learn to throw and pitch mechanically from the ground up the right way.  All players maintain their arm/shoulder health with Crossover Symmetry program. Pitchers learn not to let coaches overuse their arms with high pitch counts and pitching on short days rest.  WP pitchers do not experience arm/shoulder injuries due to following these 3 essential priorities of being a highly successful pitcher….great mechanics, arm/shoulder care and control their usage.  The WP facility has arm care and shoulder work out areas with 14 Crossover Symmetry stations. Our Ultimate Baseball Conditioning program teaches pitchers and position players that pre-hab prevents re-hab. The month of August use to be a month to take some time off….however, now it is one of our busiest months. This is due to seeing pitchers and position players for the first time with arm and shoulder issues. We find that it is due to a combination of three areas mentioned above….1) poor mechanics 2) poor conditioning 3) over use


 The Winning Pitchers Academy staff has been lead by the same three lead trainers over the past 15 years. Their knowledge of pitching, hitting and fielding mechanics is extremely deep.  This depth of knowledge lead to the development of the US Patent “PITCHERS POWER DRIVE” in 2009 and HITTERS POWER DRIVE in 2011.  The PPD staff also developed the PITCHERS POWER STRIDE in 2014, POWER SLED in 2015 and HITTERS POWER SWING in 2017.  All five training aid inventions were awarded Best of Show Innovations at the American Baseball Coaches Association annual convention by Collegiate Baseball.


Currently 24 Major League teams and over 600 colleges are using products from this innovative company which now has won five Best of Show awards from Collegiate Baseball since 2009″.

Top collegiate programs are training with Power Drive Performance equipment including the Universities of South Carolina, Vanderbilt, LSU, Texas, Louisville, Oklahoma and hundreds of others.  At the professional level, Drew Storen, Stanford Univ. 2009, 1st round, 10th pick, now with Cincinnati Reds, and Lance Lynn with St. Louis Cardinals have used the Pitchers Power Drive for 7 years.

Ultimate Training

Players come to WINNING PITCHERS ACADEMY and POWER DRIVE PERFORMANCE knowing that we stress being athletic as a baseball player since the arm and legs are only as good as the body that supports it. The body is a kinetic chain that has to be in tune, working in sequence to deliver maximum performance in the competitive environment.

Ultimate Training is a highly competitive program that takes hard work and is only for the very serious player. The results are remarkable and it is unlike any other workout program in the North East.  It is developed specifically for baseball players.

Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy and Power Drive Performance Research Center

Trains all player skill areas to achieve success:
Skill Training Fielding, Pitching / Position Throwing and Hitting
Baseball Conditioning Speed, Strength , Explosiveness, Agility, Velocity, Arm/Shoulder Care, Mental Game

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