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drew storen on the pitcher's power drive

Drew Storen has trained on the Pitchers Power Drive for 2 ½ years.  Drew states that the PPD creates a good hip lead which makes his motion much more under control and more powerful.  He has gained significant velocity with more power, better location and movement on his pitches as a result of training on the PPD.  Drew trains on the Pitchers Power Drive throughout the entire year.  Below shows some important points of Drew’s delivery which he talks about on his personal video message.

Drew Storen pitching on the Pitchers Power Drive - Drew Storen pitching without Pitchers Power Drive

Professional Pitching Analysis Process
High level professional pitching coaches understand that proper video analysis requires:

  • Pitchers be throwing a baseball in each
  • Filmed from the same exact camera position and angle
  • Filmed at the same shutter speed 1000fps
  • Both pitchers locked in at release point of the baseball

This is the true scientific process to follow when teaching, comparing and truly caring about the betterment of training pitchers.  The above analysis meets this scientific process which shows Drew Storen’s pitching mechanics to be the same while pitching live on or off the Pitchers Power Drive.  All training comparisons at Pitchers Power Drive and Winning Pitchers Academy follow this process to teach skills and advance pitchers performance. 




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