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Edinson Volquez Pitching Mechanics

Edinson Volquez pitching mechanics

In instructing pitchers visually learning is essential.   Showing examples of photos and video of pitchers they have a similar style to.  This process utilizing 200 fps video analysis allows pitchers to visually see the important points of a delivery and opportunity areas for improving their performance.

Growing up Edinson Volquez’s role model was Pedro Martinez.  He had a huge poster of Martinez in his bedroom, the first thing he’d see every day.  His family would watch every game Martinez pitched, whether live or taped on a VCR if Edinson had a schedule conflict.

“I told myself, ‘You have to be like this guy,’ ” said Volquez, whose “every movement, every motion” became an emulation of Martinez.

As he got older he has created his personal pitching style but you can still see some similarities in his delivery and how they both generate power the same way.
 Edinson Volquez pitching mechanics vs Pedro Martinez pitching mechanics


Edinson Volquez hip lead

Edinson Volquez

pedro martinez

Pedro Martinez




  • Correct departure sets up successful delivery and direction through landing
  • Pelvic loading and Hip Lead creating momentum and power through delivery
  • Hip lead creates maximum hip to shoulder separation angle 16-28% creating power & momentum
  • Hip and Front leg heal lead to keep weight on back side
  • Front leg stride sweep action to create power, stability & direction


Edinson Volquez 
Edinson Volquez leg drive

Edinson Volquez


Pedro Martinez

  • Leg drive to extension creates, power directional momentum and force toward home plate
  • Scapular load unloading for power & velocity
  • Timing upper & lower creates maximum arm whip and external arm rotation for velocity

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