The Science Behind Pitching – Pitchers Power drive

the science behind pitching – pitchers power drive

  • Correct departure sets up successful delivery and direction through landing
  • Pelvic loading and Hip Lead creating momentum and power through delivery
  • Hip lead creates maximum hip to shoulder separation angle 16-28% creating power & momentum
  • Leg drive to extension creates, power directional momentum and force toward home plate .
  • Proper weight transfer and drive creates optimal hip to shoulder separation and maximum hip speed rotation for velocity
  • Power transfer creates proper front leg posting, knee reversing to post
  • Hip and heal lead to keep weight on back side
  • Pitchers power stride sweep to create power, stability & direction
  • Foot creates ground reaction force as the foot drives in to the rubber for back leg drive to extension
  • Scapular load unloading for power & velocity
  • Timing upper & lower creates maximum arm whip and external arm rotation for velocity
  • Great front side direction and extension to ball release
  • Arm Pronation results in high spin rotation of ball

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