How The Pitchers Power Drive Works

Pitchers Power Drive / VIDEO

How The Pitchers Power Drive Works
the “Pitchers Power Drive” teaches pitchers to start their delivery from knee lift towards home plate by initiating the starting force with their back hip pushing their front hip out in front of the lead shoulder, This loads their weight back over the rubber for a solid standing foot contact. This weight transfers into the back thigh, knee and ball of foot to allow a back side initiated power drive. This initiates the kinetic power chain of throwing a baseball thus creating more power into landing. This backside power initiation with weight back creates more force at pitch landing by speeding the hips, torso and arm speed creating a more explosive pitch delivery. 

The pitchers proper hip move forces down the “Pitchers Power Drive” plate and produces an audible click on the tee striker plate when the pitchers weight transfers down the mound from knee lift position. This device teaches proper hip lead; weight distribution and transfer of weight from the pitchers knee lift position with immediate auditory feedback. You can have your normal momentum delivery off the device to a down catcher. This is not a drop and drive or tall and fall delivery method. It is back side initiation with hip lead thus maximizing lower body power use.

Why The Pitchers Power Drive Works
The device teaches by a combination of auditory sound and kinetic feel, the two most important multi-sensory leaning methods. The early timing of hearing this click trains pitchers to initiate power with their back hip which keeps their weight over the rubber longer. This weight transfers into their standing leg, thigh, knee and foot thus giving an explosive hip and torso at landing. The device allows them to feel and hear the power of their initial movement from knee lift down the mound with a proper hip lead. The clicking sound of the strike plate allows immediate auditory sound and kinetic feedback.

The results are outstanding and the pitcher says “WOW… that felt great…my arm did not even feel like I threw that hard”. For many it is the first time they have ever used their lower body to throw a baseball in combination with their upper body and arm. The arm is the final kinetic link of throwing a baseball.