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MedBall Throw I

-10 MedBall Throws Slide Step with PPD clicked Down Position (6lbs. MedBall)

MedBall Throw II

-10 MedBall Throw with Full Knee Lift Balance into Hip Lead Starting with PPD Clicked Up (6lbs. MedBall)

MedBall Toss Overhead On Pitchers Power Drive III

-Medball Throw Overhead with Full Knee Lift into Balance Hip Lead & Drive Starting with PPD Clicked Up (6lbs MedBall)

Crossover Drill I - II

-No Throws Resistant Band with PPD Full Knee Lift & Drive x10 Reps
-No Throw Resistant Band With PPD Full Knee Lift & explode (Faster Rhythm) x10 Reps



Crossover Drill III

-No Throw No PPD Crossover Resistance Balance & Stability Side to Side Explosive Drives x10 Reps