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Pitchers Power Drive Training Results:

Teaches pelvic load and hip lead initiation down the mound
Teachers correct back leg drive angle and drive to extension maximizing ground force reaction
Teaches to keep weight back down mound and transfer into landing increasing explosiveness
Teaches to keep front shoulder up down the mound and not to tilt or fall with front side and shoulder
Teaches to keep front shoulder and hip closed into landing – belt buckle to 3B for RHP and to 1B for LHP
Teaches balance, rhythm and creating momentum through knee lift

Pitchers Power Drive and Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy is a team of professional trainers and coaches that spend thousands of hours each year working hand and hand with pitchers and hitters to achieve higher performance. From our beginning 13 years ago we have always used computer video analysis for lessons. We would never have thought of doing a lesson without the use of Advance Computer Analysis – ACA.  It is important for players to visually learn their strengths and opportunity areas while comparing themselves to successful professional players on a computer at the same points of their delivery or swing.  Pitchers improve with first lesson and after 4-6 lessons we compare via video to first lesson video and see improvements in all skill areas.  The athletes learning process is much faster using Power Drive Performance training aids and advance computer video analysis.
Just as important as the video analysis is the instructor’s depth of pitching / hitting knowledge and his ability to translate this knowledge to the pitcher or hitter for improving performance. We remain dedicated to our players for years of instruction to help them achieve their highest potential. We work with a re-shaping process that has been highly successful in improving pitchers skills, delivery and velocity or hitters linear to rotation mechanics for increased bat speed and power. This process includes sets of re-shaping drills that are specific to each individual pitcher or hitter that address his opportunity areas for improvement. The process is much different than traditional or old ways of teaching pitching and hitting. Our process has proven successful with thousands of players we have worked with. We improve every player we work with 10 fold in the lanes and on diamonds with our ACA and re-shaping process.
With more players each month traveling to Boston from across the US for Advance Computer Analysis with us ….we wanted to offer our successful re-shaping training process to all players through Advance Computer Analysis – Live Remote.
When pitchers travel here monthly from distances we always charge our normal lesson rate just like they lived here in Boston. We will now offer our regular lesson rate with the same successful instruction process through ACA Live Remote……just like you live here in Boston and drove up to the Winning Pitchers Academy and Pitchers Power Drive front door.
Our Advance Computer Analysis – Live Remote and lessons use the same Right View Pro software the Professional and Collegiate teams use.  We supply a complete analysis with specific “Re- Shaping” drills on video filmed from our Winning Pitchers Academy.  Like a live lesson here, we review the Advance Computer Analysis live via computer hook up and phone to go over in detail the analysis, lesson, drills and our specific targeted recommendations to improve performance and velocity…..just like you were here in Boston for a two hour live analysis and lesson.



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Pitchers Power Stride Drills to improve mechanics and velocity

Teaches Power Stride Line and Direction to create pitch command and increase velocity
Teaches to keep front shoulder and hip closed into landing
Teaches pelvic loading for velocity increase
Teaches proper back side hip rotation for power
Teaches to keep weight back down the mound and then shift through into landing increasing explosiveness