Pitchers Power Drive – creates momentum to increase velocity

Pitchers Power Drive creates momentum to increase velocity

The Pitchers Power Drive training aid teaches backside initiation, pelvic loading, hip lead, momentum, balance, correct drive leg angle, leg drive to extension and lower body power to maximize ground force reaction.  The Pitchers Power Drive Science of Pitching video at 1,000 frames per second shows the essential points of a delivery starting from departure.  Proper departure is essential and helps set up success for the rest of pitch delivery.  It is less than a second to landing from departure of knee lift…..so there is no time for athletic adjustments.  Pelvic load and hip lead helps pitchers stay over their back foot longer, setting weight and creating the right drive angle on back leg.  This drive leg angle maximizes lower body power and leg drive from a solid foot position to rubber and ground.  The Pitchers Power Drive allows foot to be in solid drive contact position creating strong ground force reaction just like in a game.

The US Patent pendulum design allows a natural momentum delivery from this solid foot plant.  This enables a pitcher to create maximum ground force reaction from leg and foot drive increasing momentum and forces down mound, to longer stride, stronger posting on front leg and faster power torso turn creating good extension at release point.  Professional and collegiate coaches are training their pitchers with the Pitchers Power Drive because it teaches the right pelvic load, hip lead, weight distribution, lower body and leg drive to extension just like in game action, staying in contact with the rubber longer.  This enables proper leg drive creating more ground force reaction.  The auditory and kinetic feedback allows the pitcher to feel and hear when he is doing it right while throwing a baseball.  If you squat, drop, fall, leak or drift the pitcher will not hear the Power Drive click at knee lift departure.

There are no springs or sliding parts that could cause a pause, hesitation, launch or give resistance to a natural delivery.  Learn by throwing live drills to a catcher full distance, hearing the auditory click, feeling kinetic timing of 1/4″ steel striking 1/4″steel.  Watching DVD’s being sold for hundreds of dollars will not teach you what the Pitchers Power Drive will.  Or will hip wall drills and other drills that do not involve throwing a baseball while hearing and feeling how to perform the proper athletic movements while synchronizing kinetic timing. .  There is not a better way to learn than by performing the proper athletic movements with auditory and kinetic feedback while throwing the baseball to a catcher.

Increase Pitching Velocity from proper departure to improve the essential important points of a delivery.  Pitchers have increased velocity from 4-10 mph with the aid of the “Pitchers Power Drive”.  Owners have access to web based training site with 5 day workout program including 23 drills.  This workout program teaches to maximize pelvic load, hip lead, proper leg drive angle, leg drive to extension and increases torso energy thus creating more ground force reaction to increase velocity.

The original US Patent Pitchers Power Drive was designed by trainers that understand pitching at their 10,000 square foot Winning Pitchers Academy and Research Center in Boston. Using now for 13 years in over 35,000 lessons. That is why there are already 24 Professional, 600+ Collegiate, 3,500+ High School, Travel teams and Academy’s using the Pitchers Power Drive. Most of these team have multiple units 2-12 Pitchers Power Drives.  Thousands of professional, collegiate and travel team players are training on Power Drive Performance training aids with great skill improvement, velocity increase and success on the mound.

Pitchers Power Drive is available in metal or turf models.  Turf allows use of cleats which the professional and collegiate teams requested and use.


Pitchers Power Drive Youth   – 14u and under

Pitchers Power Drive Professional  High School & Collegiate

Pitchers Power Drive XX Professional  – for Pitchers over 210 LB