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Pitchers Advanced Computer Analysis

Custom Training Program for each Pitcher with Advanced Computer Analysis

Power Drive Perrformance and Winning Pitchers Baseball Academy is a team of professional trainers that spend thousands of hours each year working hand and hand with pitchers to achieve higher performance. For 15 years we have always done Advance Computer Analysis – ACA for lessons.  It is essential for players to visually learn their strengths and opportunity areas while comparing themselves to successful professional players at the same points of their delivery.  

Just as important as the video analysis is the instructor’s depth of pitching knowledge and his ability to translate this knowledge to the pitcher for improving performance. We work with a multi-sensory learning and re-shaping process that has been highly successful in improving pitchers skills, delivery and velocity. This process includes sets of re-shaping drills that are specific to each individual pitcher. The process is much different than traditional or old ways of teaching pitching. Our process has proven successful with thousands of players.  

With more players each month traveling to Boston from across the US for Advance Computer Analysis….we wanted to offer our successful training process to all players through Advance Computer Analysis – Live Remote using the same Right View Pro software.  We supply a complete analysis with specific “Re- Shaping” drills on video filmed from our Winning Pitchers Academy.  We review the Advance Computer Analysis with player.  After the player has watched their comparison through RVP Teammate we then connect via phone to go over the analysis and discuss our specific targeted recommendations to improve performance and velocity…..just like you were here in Boston for a live analysis and lesson.

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