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pitchers power drive reviews form colleges
  stevefosterSteve Foster reviews  

Steve Foster Kansas City Professional Pitching Coach and former professional pitcher

"The Pitchers Power Drive is a great tool to help baseball pitchers with their weight transfer. Its not only provides the pitcher with a balanced transfer but it gives auditory feedback so the pitcher can repeat his delivery. This is a tremendous product for pitchers!" - Steve Foster

pitchers power drive reviews- see video of Steve Foster talking about the PPD

  Rick Knapp reviews  

Rick Knapp Kansas City Minor League Pitching Coordinator

"The pitchers power drive is a tremendous training device that teaches pitchers the correct way to transfer their weight down the mound using their legs."- Rick Knapp


  Drew Storen review  


Drew Storen (Washington Nationals RHP, 2009 1st round draft pick out of Stanford)

“I first tried the Pitcher’s Power Drive at my off-season workout facility. I’m not really into gimmicks, but this product is something that has been very important to get the most of my body when I’m on the hill. The movement created by the Power Plate is essential to getting maximum results in my motion. Most every pitcher I’ve shown is a fan of the Pitcher’s Power Drive.”

pitchers power drive reviews- see video of Drew talking about how he uses the PPD





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"Jay Lehr from RoundTripper Academy introduced the Pitchers Power Drive to me during the 2010 All Star break two years ago. The feedback I got was immediate! This is not a gadget, it's your own personal pitching coach and it works!"

Lance Lynn – Cardinals


MLB Stats as of April 24, 2012

W- 3- L 0-1 ERA 1.42 K 17 Walks 4 WHIP 74




I've never really used anything quite like the power drive. Once I got on it I couldn't get off. Trust me it's gonna get a lot of use.

Cory Wade- New York Yankees


MLB Stats as of July 21, 2011

ERA 1.32 K 11 Walks 4 WHIP 0.95





"The Pitchers Power Drive was a wonderful new addition to my off season training. Every player is always looking for a way to get an edge on the competition and to maximize their ability. The Pitchers Power Drive did both of those things for me in preparation for the upcoming major league baseball season. It's ability to help me consistently repeat my most efficient delivery is 2nd to none.Not only was it personally beneficial but it also took my pitching lesson clients to the next level with their delivery. This tool helped me teach the load of the hips better than I ever have before. I would recommend the Pitchers Power Drive to any pitcher of any age"!

Craig Stammen - Washington Nationals





"I've tried many different techniques to help maximize my lower half and hip power and the Pitcher's Power Drive is the only product that brings everything together and makes my delivery click...."

-Kyle Blair (Indians RHP 4th round of the 2010 Draft)






Ryan Tatusko, Nationals Farmhand

"The Pitchers Power Drive is THE tool for any pitcher that is looking to learn more about their mechanics. The PPD will help you with your timing and understanding of what it truly means to be behind the baseball, you WILL improve with this. I am personally addicted, and cannot get enough of it."

September 6, 2010

I am having an amazing season, I have set personal bests in wins, win percentage, h/0 r/9 hr/9 basically every stat! I cannot thank you guys enough for this amazing device. My FB has stayed at 92-95 where I was only 88-91 last year.I just wanted to send a quick email and say thank you again for everything!"

Ryan Tatusk

(Owners Only Train Page Click Here) to see all of Ryans Favorite Drills

pitchers power drive reviews - see video of Ryan talking about the PPD




St. Johns Pitching Coach Scott Brown




Shawn Cornes University of British Columbia Pitching Coach

(Owners Only Train Page Click Here) to see Shawn show you tall the blending drills he uses with his pitchers at UBC




Kyle Lotzkar - Cincinnati




Mark Hardy - San Diego




Mitch Hodge - Kansas City



Steve Ontivero (1995 American League All-Star and 19 year MLB veteran. Currently Steve mentors gifted pitchers of all ages.)

I like the product and have been using it in my lessons. Ironically the day that it came in I had a student who did not utilize the rubber very well and this unit fixed it. Great product. There is no question that it will help you use your legs better and help you increase velocity potential. It has saved me from using other “creative” and ineffective ways to cure a bad leg drive.

Sincerely, Steve Ontiveros

ps- that sucker is heavy






Derek Johnson (Associate head coach and pitching coach at Vanderbilt 2004 National Pitching Coach of the Year)

"The Pitcher’s Power Drive is a very nice tool. We have been using the home-made wooden “k-boards” for quite some time, but they pale in comparison to this product. They are sturdy yet portable and the auditory clicking feature is great for giving prompt feedback, making it easy for the pitcher and coach to use. Using the lower half of the body is a hard concept for most pitchers to understand let alone implement, so this may serve as another piece to solving that puzzle. Definitely a good tool for improving efficiency and velocity." - Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson is now in his eighth season as an assistant coach for the Commodores and is widely considered one of the top pitching coaches in the country. Four of his last six staffs have led the Southeastern Conference in ERA while also being ranked nationally at No. 15 (2003), No. 7 (2004) and No. 17 (2005) and No. 13 (2007), respectively. He is known for developing pitchers during their time at Vanderbilt with 18 pitchers drafted over the last eight seasons (10 over the last three) including three first round selections.




Jason Beverlin Pitching Coach University of Tennessee

"There are certain essential mechanics that go into every pitchers own style that create success. The Pitchers Power Drive has been an important tool in developing rhythm and timing in our pitchers deliveries at Tennessee. It forces them to keep their weight back and be explosive. Ultimately improving not only their velocity but also their command."
-Jason Beverlin



Greg Lovelady - Associate Head Coach and pitching coach

"I was looking for ways to reinforce our pitchers lower half usage and came across the Pitchers Power Drive, almost immediately or guys fell in love with it. They could instantly feel the difference and almost all of them saw some type of immediate result. My initial search came back with a result that far exceeded my expectations."- Greg Lovelady




Dave Smith - Pitching CoachTrinity University

In just the year that we have had the device, a great deal of learning has been done by both myself and the staff. Everyone watched a quick, easy to understand video, and now we simply roll out the power drive along with a portable mound and start listening to clicks while doing towel drills or throwing into pitching pads. Just five minutes every day for extra feedback has really allowed the guys a chance to understand more clearly how the lower half really can work. It’s easy to talk about using your legs more in pitching, it’s more applicable to get on the Power Drive and actually learn what that means. In season it’s just another station of work for our guys, out of season, we really get involved in drills and actually throw bullpens with it. I’d recommend the Pitcher’s Power Drive to anyone who wants to “get more out of the lower half of the body or get more linked.”




Dear Mr. Miller,
I just wanted you to know that my son, Phoenix, has been training on the PPR since July 14. He just turned 15 in June. This past Saturday he threw a no hitter in a 16 and under tournament in Cocoa, Fl., the team he no hit eventually went on to the championship game. He threw 7 innings, no runs, 1 walk. That evening he told me his arm wasn't tired but his legs were. The next day his arm was a little sore but his legs were killing him. He has never had this reaction after pitching. I thought it was awesome. For years I have been trying to get him to use his legs more and this product has finally taught him how to do that. We are both very excited about what training on this product is going to do for him in the future. This product truly produces results.


Keivn Sanders




I bought a power drive online for my son Adam (age 13) after he started using it with his pitching instructor Jay Lehr at Roundtripper Academy in Westfield, Indiana. We bumped into Drew Storen at RT on the first day we began using it. Drew had really good things to say about it that day and Jay's used the power drive with Adam in every lesson since.

Great product.

Dave Neal
Fortville, Indiana



Pitchers Power Drive helped turn my struggles at the first of the season and an ERA over eleven to being  a first team all conference pitcher and a conference champion with an ERA under four.  Not only did my control become better but my velocity also went up within a week of using Pitchers Power Drive.  It is the best training tool that I have used as a pitcher!

-Matt Sparks, The University of Texas- Tyler




I am 15 years old, a sophomore. I met coach Miller four months ago at Perfect Game Ft Meyers Florida. My Father Bought me a Pitchers Power Drive. At the time i was throwing 72-73 mph I have been training with the Pitchers Power Drive four time a week for the last four months and my mechanics and velocity have improved to a constant 78-80 mph. I wanted to thank you so much.

Hi Coach, Miller

This is Chris Flores ’ dad and I want to thank you again for bringing the power drive into Chris’ weekly workout. From the time we met you last September 2009 until now; Chris has done a tremendous stride. He’s gone from 73 MPH to 84-85 MPH in 8 months. Chris can be your poster pitcher for your power drive. He works very hard in training and at least 30 minutes a day four times a week with your power drive. I want to thank you again and hopefully I will see you this summer in Perfect Game. Chris will be playing for the South Florida Elite Team this summer.

Thanks, Ed Flores



Gerry James

As a PGA Professional and 2X world Long Drive Champion I know how imperative sound mechanics are when maximizing ones potential. That is why when I first saw a demonstration of the Pitchers Power Drive I instantly knew they were on the mark. I then purchased one for my son. The results were as expected. His speed and control improved. Every great athlete plays their sport from the ground up using their legs, hips and core as their primary accelerator. This is as true in Golf as it is in Baseball. Unfortunately some who know little and tout themselves as experts would not appreciate what the Pitchers Power Drive truly does. If you have any background in sound mechanics and the efficiency of the throwing motion you will appreciate the fundamental purity of the Pitchers Power Drive. To be the best do what the best do. Throw from the ground up and use your big muscles
Gerry James PGA. Professional.
2X World Long Drive Champion.




James Miglin,

Thank you so much for the Pitchers Power Drive! I have been using it the past couple of days and can really feel the difference in how I am using me
legs and the power I am getting behind the ball. I am really glad I saw this down in Georgia and am able to use it now. When I first learned the basics
of it and how easy the fix really is, "I gained a 2 - 4 m.p.h. right away during my next game and look forward to working towards more. I recommend this product to any pitcher out there that is looking to throw the right way and increase the speed of their fastball. Great product!! "

Thank You





Jordan Purington
Stony Brook University Baseball
Westbrook, ME

The Pitchers Power Drive helped me keep my weight back and really use my legs which has increased my velocity. This made me a much more effective pitcher. The Pitchers Power Drive was great for me and made my mechanics so much better.




Ches Lamm
Hunt High School, NC

The Pitchers Power Drive helped me learn how to time hips with my arm. It has increased my velocity and made me throw harder using my whole body




Taylor Stanley

North Carolina

The PITCHERS POWER DRIVE added 2 mph to my fastball in fifteen minutes just by helping me initiate my back side. Great product !




Jared Bettura email to Paul Reddick


Hi Paul,
I've just recently purchased the Pitchers Power Drive from a recent email that you sent out. After including it in my last few workouts, I can feel my entire body working in sync while I throw. During my bullpens, I feel that I have much more stamina and arm strength due to my lower body being more productive in my mechanics. I just turned 17 and I throw averagely 81-82 mph, but I feel as if I can hit around 83-84 mph easily just from working out with the Pitchers Power Drive this past week! Thank you for all the info and workouts.

Jared Bettura




In a nutshell…GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, and the eagerness to share lessons with those of us who cannot attend your training academy…just fantastic.

We are in N.E. Wisconsin, so the PPD will play an important part of our indoor training.

Thank you, again. Howard Omilinsky



Aloha John,
The Pitcher's power Drive is amazing! My high school players love it. I also coach 10-12 year olds
Lance Teramoto
Honolulu, Hawaii



My son Kevin started using your Power Drive at the beginning of our high school baseball season as one of his teammates already had one. Once I saw how it worked it made sense, so I watched to see if he would make any progress and he made great progress. So we decided to buy one for him. He uses it 4-5 days a week and it continues to help him. Kevin is a left-handed pitcher who has been (last two years) throwing upper 70's to low 80's. His average velocity is probably around 78, but recently I have noticed his velocity picking up some, but his control has improved greatly. My only regret is we didn't know about your device a year ago. Although he is going to pitch in college I think if we had had the Power Drive last year he might be pitching at a little higher level next year, but if he continues to improve I think he can have a very successful college career. I know Kevin will be checking out you website later this week to see about your new drills.

Brian Brennan




My son's main problem was that he didn't go. His
mechanics are good but he did everything over the rubber creating a pause and
then as you describe, floated out. Today he was doing it great. With the help
of the powerdrive he was doing it all working down the hill not losing any
momentum. We are doing the drills and they are great. I am glad that
remembered you from the clinic and thankful you have something like this.
Thanks again. I will keep in touch and let you know of the velocity
improvements. Take care.

Nash Fares




Great teaching tool and we love it.
Bucky Mieras



Hi Brad,
It was a rather long journey down and back but worth every mile. The boys and I were so impressed with how you and John zoned right in on key elements of each style and suggested effective modifications to their respective motions. Your style and work as a team is of the highest order, particularly the manner in which you both critique and suggest changes without the slightest hint being negative. Truly professional in every respect.
Thank you again for today in working with us on the
"Pitchers Power Drive" and bands.





I just thought I would let you know that my son ,Sean, mentioned to me that he found that by using your teachings he no longer " labors " to get the ball to the plate. He is confident that by maintaining the proper techniques he will be able to increase speed without any more noticeable effort. Effortless mechanics leads to more flawless results, more control and more confidence.

Craig Murphy




Morning John,

Thanks for the update. The Pitchers Power Drive will come in handy at this weekend's practices. I had a chance to try your Pitchers Power Drive at Whitewater University and just had to get one. Great ideas to help pitchers of all ages learn how to initiate with their hip.





Thanks John, my boy's used the training aid at a camp run by Matt Royer at Twin Valley High School last weekend, it really helps get the point across about getting to lead with their hips.





Thanks for the follow up. After I sent the note I went back to your site and found the videos that taught me how to use it. It really was amazing, he used it 4 or 5 times, and the next 2 games he only walked one batter per game (as you know, a huge feat for an 11 year old) and won both games. It just seemed to improve his balance so much.





Hello John and Brad
It was great with the two of you. Joe is already at work with the changes. I will keep you posted. Thanks again great job.
Joe Portela




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